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After seeing some of the prices being asked for, to create even a basic website, we decided to offer web design at the time taken to generate the site and not a fixed cost. This works out to be far cheaper and allows our customers to see what their money gets them as it progresses. This also allows us to create the site that the customer wants as they can be a part of the process as the site evolves, all the way through.

Sites should look good, have the right balance of images and text to get the customer's message across and work well on phones, tablets and computers.

The platform running the website is important when looking at user interaction and functionality. If the customer needs to be able to add content from a mobile phone, then that can be done with WordPress and if a flat, unchanging site is preferred, then HTML5 is normally the best way to go. Each site is designed on the principles gathered from the customer and enhanced with our suggestions and examples.

Key points for all our designs:

  • Responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop friendly layouts
  • Keep up to date with trends if they are relevant, but not if it sacrifices usability
  • Maintaining a simple, clear navigation structure throughout the site
  • Allowing the customer to choose how much access they require, whether change requests are sent through to us or they wish to add a new post, picture gallery or shop items
  • Provide as much choice in designs and platforms as possible, HTML5 and WordPress are preferred and the most popular, but all are considered
  • Keep the site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly and help to boost search results by maintaining standards
  • We can offer professional web hosting if you need it, with all the features required to run any of the popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Hosting is based in a London data centre and starts at 10GB of SSD storage and includes a domain name, daily backups, unlimited email addresses and databases, with more storage and bandwidth available as required. Further options such as Cloudflare protection services, along with SSL certificates for secure sites and stores are also included. Having your entire site setup for secure browsing is viewed favourably by Google, when positioning your site in searches.

    If you already have a website and you just need to improve the way it works, whether it needs better search engine results, a more effective navigation system, updated graphics or just some advice in how to enhance it, give us a call. We can help to create marketing campaign pages to boost sales used in conjunction with an email or mail promotion. You could also have seasonal changes made to logos and images or even effects on the page to reflect Christmas or Halloween etc.

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    Do you need a store for e-commerce? Our hosting offers a choice of the most popular store front solutions to add to your site. Each with its own back-end administration portal to keep items up to date, include images with auto-zoom mouse-over and promote new items. Some can show sales analysis, where your sales are predominately based and allow you to focus on key areas.

    Do you want to know where people found your website, whether it was from Google, Bing or from your marketing campaign? By adding analytics to the website, you can see where people access your site, what they were using to access the site, what they were looking at and where in the World they were based. Find out if most visitors were using mobiles or were they local to your office location. This information can help to focus your attention, when you start looking at the experience your customers are getting and how you can make it more effective.

    So whether you are looking for a simple web presence, an interactive customer experience, a marketing campaign, a shop front or an in-depth product and service portfolio, we can help you.

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