IT procurement

Need IT procurement and leasing?

Improve your cash flow when purchasing IT equipment, which can be complicated and costly, so why not have a professional take care of it? Leasing options are also available to make larger orders more manageable and less of a compromise.

Have our team conduct the necessary research into getting the best items for achieving your goals. Along with our established supplier relationships and storage of the items until needed, it makes for a smooth and efficient experience.

With leasing, you can enjoy the flexibility of the time period to either be paid off as quickly as affordably possible or to cover the life of the equipment. By covering the expected life of the equipment, you avoid keeping obsolete items and can keep up to date with technology.

  • Improve your cash flow and buying decisions.

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Multi-function printer scanner leasing

Stop having to buy toner or ink for your old printers. Lease a new multi-function device and pay-as-you-print. All toner/ink and servicing is included and you get the benefits of a fast, professional device.

You could replace your aging photocopier and upgrade your printers with a heavy-duty, multi-function device. Choose whether you need colour printing or not and then your requirements for paper trays and paper sizes.

Take advantage of scan to email and scan to folder options, giving you a document management solution. There are many benefits of reducing the paper stored, whether it is saving space or having the ability to access these records from anywhere.

Do not keep using and replacing cheaper, low-end equipment, when a professional quality option is available through leasing.

Reduce spending worries, by leasing instead of buying up-front. It will improve your cash flow and not tie up cash within depreciating assets. Instead, keep your cash flow ready for new opportunities.

  • Get professional printing and scanning at an affordable price.

printer scanner leasing
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Windows Server 2016 licensing

New Windows Server 2016 licensing

The licensing model has changed from what we have been used to, with Windows Server 2012 and prior. You now require core licenses as well as user/device Client Access Licenses, with the following requirements taken from the Microsoft Server 2016 licensing datasheet (PDF):

  • A minimum of 8 core licenses required for each physical processor and a minimum of 16 core licenses required for each server.
  • Core licenses are sold in packs of two.
  • Standard Edition provides rights for up to 2 Operating System Environments or Hyper-V containers when all physical cores in the server are licensed. For each additional 1 or 2 VMs, all the physical cores in the server must be licensed again.
  • The price of a set of 16 core licenses (for a 2-processor server) for Windows Server 2016 Datacenter and Standard editions is the same price as the 2-processor license of the corresponding edition of Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Windows Server Essentials edition is not licensed under the new core license and requires no CALs, using its built-in 25 licenses limit.

    So all servers will now need at least 16 core licenses, whether they have 1 or 2 processors and more if you are having more than 2 processors. This does not alter the need for user/device CALs, just the cost of Windows Server itself.

    Talk to one of our advisors to find out more.

    • Be aware of the new licensing structure.


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