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Is your computer running slow?

Find out more before buying a new PC.

A solid state hard disk upgrade could bring new life to your laptop or desktop computer. Hard drive and storage technology have lept forward in performance in the last few years and as older drives begin to slow down, this simple change makes a huge difference. We are able to migrate the operating system, software and all the data from your current hard drives, onto new, fast solid state drives, normally within an hour. The boot time for a PC can be transformed from a few minutes to just 8-15 seconds. Opening and operating applications also receives a similar performance boost, making daily tasks less of a chore.

Mix this with regular maintenance, house-keeping and scans for malicious programs, will give you far greater reliability. Checking for malicious or old programs that are unwanted and removing them will improve security and performance for a computer and can even reduce the Internet usage in the case of downloader Trojans.

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Need a new PC or laptop?

Why not treat yourself to a new laptop or desktop. With touch computing expanding to the brand new 28" touch screen Microsoft Surface Studio desktop released and new Apple MacBook Pro laptops with touch bar hitting the stores, it's an exciting time. The Surface Studio features a hinge allowing the screen to pivot from being upright to almost flat, like a drafting table. Then add the Surface Dial that can interact with your applications, directly on the screen to pop-up menus and alter settings as you use a mouse, finger touch or stylus with the other hand.

Touch has become a key feature for many computers, but does not suit all users. The latest desktops and laptops are far more power efficient and support the faster standards like USB 3.1 etc. Just make sure you get enough memory and a solid state drive, to give you the experience you are looking for.

This may also be the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10, that has already had its first birthday and has proven to be a worthwhile update to Windows 7/8. If you need to find out if Windows 10 will be compatible with your business needs.

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multiple monitors

Add more monitors to your system

With two or more screens connected to your desktop or laptop, you can keep more programs visible and improve efficiency in most daily tasks. Having multiple windows on-screen makes comparing and generating your work much faster and convenient.

When adding monitors, it is a good time to get a monitor bracket that will support the monitors and allow greater adjustment flexibility. If attached to the edge of the desk, it also gives you lots of extra desk space and a professional look.

The size and shape of the screens is important, as 4:3 monitors offer the best viewing for some office applications, while wide screens (16:9) are great for creative software. We recommend that you get matching screens to aid use and appearance.

In order for a PC or laptop to manage these extra monitors, you are going to need a graphics card or docking system capable of giving you those connections and the power to control them.

  • Improve efficiency and desk appeal for your workplace.

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High performance workstations

Is your desktop PC not up to the job?

If you are using CAD, video or image software, then you should get a professional workstation. This offers you superior performance, upgradability and reliability. To get the most out of some software, you actually need 32-64GB of memory or more, a higher grade of CPU and a professional graphics card for the job.

When you are buying a workstation, you are getting a computer designed with:

  • memory that corrects errors, that automatically protects software from data corruption.
  • a graphics card that can handle demanding loads all day, with drivers written for the software you use and not for games.
  • a processor capable of running more simultaneous tasks without slowing down.
  • high performance and heavy workloads in mind.
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