cyber security

Cyber security

Do you need to update your password security and complexity, to reduce SPAM, malware and viruses? Then we can help improve your safety rating.

A combination of services and changes to user permissions can make a huge difference to how vulnerable you and your data can be. By simply changing all user accounts used to standard user accounts, this can negate the majority of malicious software from being allowed to run and cause the problems we see increasing every day from malware. For a small inconvenience with software installation, this change is essential. This is a pro-active step towards cyber security.

The defence stance towards cyber security is having automatic, multi-site backups with multiple revisions per file. So if files are compromised, then you can rewind to a previous version before any encryption or corruption took place and avoid paying a hefty price. We would recommend both a local backup for speed of recovery and an offsite or cloud backup in case of fire or theft. Both of these options will vary depending upon the amount and type of data being protected.

Network security can help to prevent SPAM, malware and viruses by stopping them getting into your network in the first place. We recommend a cloud based email scanning service to quarantine any unwanted messages coming in and going out so issues cannot spread to your customers.

  • Keep your data safe.

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Can you work when out of the office?

Remote Working Can Benefit Both Employers and Employees

Allowing employees to work from home or remotely is a decision which needs careful consideration but one that can offer many benefits to both the employer and employee.

  • Flexible working from almost anywhere you can connect to the Internet, like a tethered mobile phone or a coffee shop Wi-Fi connection
  • Weather or travel disruptions need not mean no work done!
  • Sales, technical and other critical staff can connect and keep up to date
  • Employees with dependents such as working parents with childcare responsibilities are still able to work
  • Employees needing personal time off may still be able to work
  • Flexible working opportunities
  • Disabled employees do not need to travel into the office every day
  • Possible reduction in overheads for employers such as desks, office space required, office rent and fuel costs
  • Remote working is not an expensive option only to be considered by enterprise level companies. There are multiple solutions to achieve this, which we would carefully tailor to your needs. Whether you need to work from a home PC, a laptop in a cafe, a tablet on the move or even your smartphone, we can make it work for you.

    • Work flexibly and efficiently.

    remote working
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    gigabit network speed switches

    You deserve gigabit network speeds

    The prices for gigabit switches have fallen considerably and provide a simple way to improve the speed of your 100MB/s network tenfold. The upgrade does not take long to install and renews that aging network switch at the same time.

    All servers and most computers we have ever sold, already have gigabit network adapters in them and will take full advantage of the faster network straight away.

    When running database software, including accounting software like those by Sage and Intuit; it can greatly reduce the time taken to run reports and has been recommended by these companies for years.

    Servers backing up to network storage drives will also see the benefit and often reduces the time taken by 900%. Most wireless access points boast speeds of 300-600Mbps and above now, but these will be limited to 100Mbps without a faster gigabit switch.

    For most new telephone installs, you will need a switch with the Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature, to power the phone with the network cable and save the need for a separate power adapter going to the phone. This makes phones much more flexible in where they can be positioned, as power may not be conveniently placed, where you need a phone.

    • Improve network performance the easy way.

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    Is it time to replace your structured cabling?

    Has your structured cabling and have your network wall faceplates seen better days? New CAT5e or CAT6a cabling could be installed and guarantee your network performance for years to come. Poorly maintained cabling or cabling experiencing electrical interference can cause unexplained slow network performance, while wall faceplates that have become worn can cause equipment to disconnect from the network with immediate system downtime.

    Do you need to extend your structured cabling into new buildings or rooms, with copper or fibre backbones? Either going into a new wall mounted or larger rack cabinet that can contain servers, battery backup and network infrastructure as well as the patch panels and cable termination.

    • Keep your network fast and reliable.

    structured cabling
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    it support help desk

    Wireless Access Point deployment

    Do you suffer from poor wireless performance or need to upgrade the network to support more devices? Then a good quality 802.11ac wireless access point is what you need, or a mesh of multiple access points to let you cover a large area and have the network keep you connected when moving between areas.

    Be able to provide different methods of connection, whether it is direct access for staff, a personalised public area or if you require payment to access the Internet through your Wi-Fi system.

    You could offer controlled and completely segmented guest Wi-Fi access, so that it does not expose your network to their activities, giving only Internet access. Controlling the speed of devices or the entire guest Wi-Fi and isolating each guest from each other is essential to prevent it affecting employee performance. You could also consider restricting the times the guest network is available and what content can be accessed through it.

    • Improve your wifi coverage and improve security.


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