Virtualization can simplify and help reduce your carbon footprint

Virtualization consists of a heavy duty server, running a platform that supports multiple server/computer systems running upon it at the same time. So if you currently have Active Directory servers, email servers, file servers, database servers, web servers, DNS and DHCP servers, then all or some of these could be virtualized onto a single server.

If you need fault tolerance and redundancy, then having two or more matching servers to host the virtualization platform allows the servers to be moved onto the hosts with the most resources or to move all of them from one host if it requires maintenance, without the need for any downtime.

As many of these servers are not busy for much of the day, having them consolidated greatly improves resource utilisation.

As new server systems are needed, as long as there are available resources, more can be added without additional hardware provisioning. With certain editions of Windows, you will be able to take advantage of additional virtual licenses.

This reduction in physical equipment will save money on IT energy costs and is a simple way of upgrading aging hardware, whilst the servers are migrated. As the older, less efficient servers are powered off, your company's power usage and carbon footprint will be reduce significantly.

  • Many into one can go.

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Cisco configuration needed?

Do you require Cisco routers, firewalls or switches to be configured or updated? Whether it is a small change or to enable a site-to-site VPN.

Do you need to replace your "off the shelf" equipment with something more sophisticated to give you more functionality? We can help.

What can Cisco equipment offer you?

  • Solid build quality and proven reliability
  • The ability to support complicated network configurations
  • Modular devices can be customised to fit a specific situation and be upgraded as situations change, such as from ADSL links to fibre
  • A huge device selection from home, small business and enterprise levels of switches, routers, firewalls, wireless, servers, phone systems, phones and video conferencing
  • Enable secure, remote access to the device for logging and management.
    • Get more out of your Cisco hardware.

    Cisco configuration
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    Network design and implementation

    Network design and implementation

    Do you need a new network infrastructure designed? Whether it is a single office or a multi-site setup, we can help at every stage of the process. We cover all network cabling and devices, including phones, computers, printers, VPNs and Wi-Fi ranges.

    As detailed as you require, we can have a basic plan for discussion and quick alterations all the way to detailed network plans with IP address ranges, VLAN spans and Wi-Fi signal ranges.

    We can specify backup solutions and show any offsite data usage flow on the diagram if useful.

    Implement the network designs with the most cost effective equipment to give you the performance and flexibility you require. We will always endeavour to keep downtime to a minimum, during the transition.

    • Tailored designs to suit your needs.

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    Network automation

    Do you need new systems to be fully integrated into your network without the need for someone to configure them manually each time? We can help to automate the process, including software installs and security.

    If you are running a public computer area, student classroom or server farm, then you may need to clean and rebuild systems on a regular basis. Why not save time and have the majority of the process happen automatically when you need it to. Through a combination of operating system deployment, software deployment and user data migration, a physical or virtual system can be created or re-provisioned within minutes.

    Whether it is 3rd party software, network printers or specific workstation settings, almost everything can be automated. Some things may take longer to solve than others, but the time saved in the long run is significant.

    • Setting up new computers can be a simple as you need it to be.

    network automation


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