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Is your data backed up and kept offsite?

Your data should be backed up and stored in more than one place and on more than one type of media. So if you have a local backup to disk or tape, then one of these should be kept offsite whilst accompanied by a cloud based backup solution.

Cloud backups are very convenient and cost effective as they are automated and do not rely on someone remembering to change the disk or tape for that day. As well as this, they often store multiple revisions of each file, allowing you to go back to a specific time/date in order to retrieve your files. This is often essential in combating ransomware, that suddenly scrambles all your documents, requiring you to recover files from the backup, just before the encryption took place.

We offer tailored backup solutions to suit your needs. Whether you need simple file backups, email storage or server image level backups. An image level backup can be used to recover the complete server setup, including the operating system, full configuration as well as the file, database and email data. These images can be used in multiple ways to cover almost all eventualities. Whether it is to be used on new server hardware, in the event of hardware loss from a malfunction, flood, theft or fire, onto a virtual environment as part of a system migration.

You should also have a disaster recovery plan, detailing what the procedure is to get the company back up and running as efficiently as possible. We can help you in generating this crucial document.

  • Keep your data safe and back it up

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Why are companies moving to the cloud?

Is the cloud something you need to look at to make your business more efficient? Cloud computing covers services such as file storage, email hosting and backup, being performed via an Internet connection. Previously, we have always required a server within the company premises to deal with these things and while this is still a good solution, it has now become reliable enough to consider using both. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

  • Cost efficiency when paying monthly for services and not paying up-front for a new server with all the associated costs and expertise required. These monthly costs amount to more than paying up-front over a prolonged period, often breaking even within a few years.
  • Using established cloud services gives you immediate access to them without the need to wait for the planning and installation to be completed.
  • Cloud based backups can automatically upload your files, keep revisions of your files and are importantly, off-site. So these are perfect in case of fire, floor or theft. The backup service will vary with the amount of data you need backed up and the company's broadband speeds, importantly the upload speed. Without a local backup, it can take a long time to retrieve all your files, but you can prioritise them.
  • Being able to work from anywhere with an Internet connection is essential for those that work out of the office regularly. Slow company broadband can make this difficult to achieve when connecting to in-house services.
  • Security for most cloud services is in the hands of the 3rd party hosting them, so you must trust that they will maintain a high standard. In-house services can be as accessible or not, depending upon your own decisions in regards to security vs ease of use.
    • What services would you benefit from being in the cloud?

    cloud services
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    office 365 vs exchange server

    Office 365 vs Exchange Server

    Is it cost effective to migrate from an Exchange Server to an Office 365 subscription? As we covered under cloud services, the initial outlay is minimal for Office 365 and the service begins straight away, so it is highly effective in that way. For those migrating from POP/IMAP mailboxes, the range of features available can make it very tempting, allowing synchronisation between devices and access to calendars and contacts to compliment the email experience.

    At what period do you start saving money? This is dependent upon the number of users/mailboxes required, so the more Office 365 mailboxes being paid for cause the break-even point to happen quicker. On average, the Office 365 cost reaches the server, support and Exchange licensing costs after a few years, so if you are hoping to run a new server for much longer than that, then it will work out cheaper to keep it in-house.

    Are your Office 365 mailboxes backed up? Microsoft use a retention policy and an up to 30 days recoverability option for individual messages and user mailboxes. If you would prefer to have a full backup of your mailboxes, then if you are using Outlook or similar email client, then you can use the client to backup, but if you want to backup every mailbox in one go on a regular basis that doesn't interfere with the users, you need a 3rd party solution. These solutions are costed on the number of mailboxes per month, but have unlimited storage and the option to recover individual messages or an entire mailbox.

    • Which option is right for you?

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    Hosted phone systems

    If you have a traditional phone system with a large PBX unit on the wall and some PSTN/ISDN lines that you are paying BT for every month, then you will save money with a hosted phone system. With a hosted platform, the only items you need are IP phones that are connected to the Internet, either on your company connection or a dedicated one. All the setup is done on the hosted platform hosted in the cloud and is capable of hosting one to thousands of phones.

    With no PBX unit for the phones to connect to, you can use your office phone from anywhere with an Internet connection with the same extension number and functionality. So home workers and satellite offices can have desk phones, while mobile users can integrate their work number and make calls appear to come from their desk phone. These mobile calls are done via the data plan, so if you are on Wi-Fi, the call will not deduct phone minutes or data usage.

    A traditional PBX system would require an engineer visit to add additional modules or change users' names on the system. None of that is necessary with a hosted system as phones are provisioned on connection, while other changes can be made through the configuration portal.

    The quality of calls with an Internet based system can be far higher than those across PSTN/ISDN, often called HD voice.

    • Hosted phone systems

    hosted phone systems
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    domain names and SEO

    Domain names and SEO

    How easy is your company to find on the Internet?

    Do you want to appear on the first Google page, instead of the second or third? Many factors can affect your ranking, we can help you get noticed.

  • Why not add a new domain to your marketing campaign?
  • Look more professional when linking through social media marketing.
  • Take advantage of one of the new .Co or .London or .Business domains.
  • Is your website designed to catch as much attention as it could? Why not make it bigger and brighter with high resolution images, video and dynamic content.
  • Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) built into your site? With a combination of sensible meta tag use, correct image labelling and use of robots, you start to help the search engines increase the attention on your site.
    • Domain names and SEO


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